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Demolition Charges

Semtex RAZOR

Semtex RAZOR

Semtex RAZOR

Flexible linear shaped charges designed for explosive cutting of predominantly metallic elements.

SEMTEX RAZOR charge is flexible linear shaped
charge placed in multipurpose bed of foamed, black colored polyethylene, fitted on its bottom side with self-adhesive layer with protective foil.

To ensure reliable initiation of the charge it is posible to use booster charge SEMTEX® RAZOR Booster.

The charge has characteristic profile in the shape
of inverted “V“ and consists of cumulative liner
of brown-red color, the layer of explosive usually
of white or green color and sealing layer of brown-red color.

In accordance with the Montreal Convention
SEMTEX RAZOR contains additive of 2,3-dimethyl-
2,3-dinitrobutane (DMNB) as marking agent for the
purpose of pre-blast detection.

SEMTEX RAZOR charges are, if required by
a customer, packed in cardboard packing in the
number of pcs depending on the size of charges,
or they are put in transport wooden packing in several layers, interleaved with silicone paper.

Both transport packings shall meet the recommendations for transport of dangerous goods of Class 1. The charges are usually supplied in 1m length, maximal length 2 m.

Sorage Conditions and Service Life
For the purposes of storing the charges are classified to the Class A III, Serial No. 9, and shall be stored in the rooms for storage of explosives where the temperature does not drop bellow - 20°C and exceed + 40°C at relative humidity up to 99%. Service life as well as warranty period is 10 years since the date of production, provided that prescribed storage conditions are observed.


Semtex RAZOR (PDF) Semtex RAZOR

Mondial Defence Systems provide robust and flexible demolition charges and explosives solutions to goverment, military and civil agencies worldwide. Including Hayrick shaped charges, Beehive shaped charges, NR50 11kg Shaped Charges, Bangalore Torpedo, sheet plastic explosive, Explosive Tape, rapid crater kits, Semtex, PE4 and C4 plastic explosive, and many other products.

Using the latest technologies we provide every component required for initiation and detonation. If you can't see what you're looking for listed here, please send us an email or contact us.

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