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Pigstick Stand

Cased L22A1“Pigstick” - EOD Disruptor

The “Pigstick” is designed to disrupt a wide range of Improvised Explosive Devices. It injects a projectile of water, at high velocity, in order to separate dynamically the key components of an IED. It offers a high probability of avoiding detonation or explosion of the device.

The disruptor is powered by an electrically initiated power cartridge - L2A1 which is supplied together with piston and closure cap, as a kit L46A1. The injector is fired remotely, from a safe
location, utilising a firing line and electronic exploder. All components of the kit, excepting the multi-position stand are contained in a
lightweight one man portable canvas transit bag.

The "Pigstick" EOD Disruptor, L22A1, comprises:

• Body Main (Barrel)
• Body Assembly, Rear (Breech which includes
contact covers)
• Clamp, Injector
• Split Sleeve Adaptor
• Tool Loading Injector
• Brush Cleaning x 2
• Rod Cleaning
• Brush Cleaning Small Arms
• Screw Driver (large)
• Screw Driver (small)
• Water Bottle
• Transit Holdall
• Optional - Lightweight multi-position Stand

Pigstick (PDF) Pigstick



Watch the Pigtsick IED Disruptor firing from a Robot mount on the range:


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