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Demolition Charges

Bangalore Torpedo

Bangalore Torpedo
Bangalore Torpedo

Bangalore Torpedo - 4x6' Tube Set

Bangalore Torpedo is designed to produce a continuous line charge for breaching barbed wire entanglements 4 x 6ft torpedoes fitted with connection pieces make up the standard British charge. Each charge is filled with ammonal, a mixture of TNT and aluminum with a booster fittedinto each end. TNT with RDX boosters are also used. A detonator well made of thin brass is fitted into the rear of each tube, so that the charge can be assembled in any order. The connectors fitted to the opposite end to the detonator well are spring loaded for quick fitting and quick release, and ensure a face-to-face contact between the charges. A light duty disc seals each charge permitting total deflagration.

The tubes are of steel, and it is the shrapnel effect that clears the wire obstacle. A solid hardwood nose cone
is clipped into the lead charge to facilitate access through an obstacle.This charge arrangement does not require separate connectors and the 4 torpedoes are complete and ready to fire. A plain No.8 detonator fitted into the rearmost torpedo will initiate the whole charge.

Product & Packaging Data

Mondial Stock Ref.: 1–MD–22B
NATO Stock No. (NSN): 1375-99-151-7550
UN Classification: 1.1D
Case quantity: 4 x 6ft tubes
Outer pack: ACA 164 Mk.1
Gross Weight (case): 35kg
Storage temprature: -40 to +70 C
Shelf life: 10 years
Initiation: Detonator No.8
Detonation velocity 7200 m/s
Charge Weight: 2.07kg PER TORPEDO 8.28kg/set
Charge composition: ammonal or TNT
Nett Explosive Quantity (NEQ): 8.28kg

Bangalore Torpedo - 4x6' Set (PDF) Bangalore Torpedo - 4x6' Set



Mondial Defence Systems provide robust and flexible demolition charges and explosives solutions to goverment, military and civil agencies worldwide. Including Hayrick shaped charges, Beehive shaped charges, NR50 11kg Shaped Charges, Bangalore Torpedo, sheet explosive, explosive tape, rapid crater kits, Semtex, PE4 and C4 plastic explosive, and many other products.

Using the latest technologies we provide every component required for initiation and detonation. If you can't see what you're looking for listed here, please send us an email or contact us.

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